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10mm Auto 200 Grain XTP Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50

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Price: $40.60
In Stock 171
Item Number: 246-5
Manufacturer: Underwood Ammo
Manufacturer Item No: 246-5

Quantity Discounts

5 to 9$39.79
10 to 19$39.38
20 or more$38.57

Cannot be used in Colt Delta Elite or any other firearms with rampless barrel due to complete lack of case support.
Safe for use in all 10mm firearms with a ramped feed barrel.
Examples: Glock, EA Witness)

Built to the tightest tolerances for peak performance rivaling and sometimes surpassing handloads in many guns. XTP Bullets feature a performance-improved point that has 6 precise folds to divide the bullet into symmetrical sections and initiate controlled expansion at low velocities while not fragmenting at higher velocities. They expand reliably at a wide range of velocities for a deep, terminal penetration with every shot. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.
Technical Information
  • Caliber: 10mm Auto 
  • Bullet Weight: 200 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Case Type: Brass

    Ballistics Information:
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1250 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 694 ft. lbs.

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Product Reviews

(30 Ratings, 18 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great ammo and no price gouging
Daniel McCarron (Farmington, MO) 4/2/2014 8:56 PM
I have to say I have used Underwood for most my pistols from my 380, 357, and 10mm for the past year and have never been disappointed in any of it. What's even more amazing is that Kevin sells it at a reasonable price for those that don't have the time or resources to reload. This commitment to quality and fair price only promote our shooting sport. I have known a few friends that haven given up shooting due to fellow so called Ammunition's producers price gouging there fellow shooters. In the long run this practice only diminishes our sport. Thanks for being a true friend of the sportsman Kevin.
Awesome Hunting Round, Definately Packs a Punch!
Travis Benton (Flowery Branch, GA) 1/17/2014 8:15 AM
I am never without my Gen 4 20 in the woods, and it is never without 200gr XTP's from Underwood. On a recent archery hunt in Arkansas I had a unique opportunity to do some real world ballistics testing on a coyote at 23 yards. Terminal ballistics were impressive. It blew out both front sholders, completely shattering both shoulder bones, and left a fist sized exit wound. The coyote litterally did a 180 and laid motionless where he was standing when I shot. My G20, G23 and 1894 Marlin all survive on a steady, exclusive diet of Underwood and XTP's. Thanks Kevin for the service, quality and consistency of your product. Also, my latest order of this load showed up in nice shiney nickle plated brass with Undwerood on the headstamp!
Best full power 10mm ammo. Period.
Roy Scott (Aberdeen, WA) 8/5/2013 5:30 PM
To make this quick and easy don't buy buffalo bore or mc ripoff's ammo. The first comes close to spec' and mcnetts product falls well under advertised velocity. They are both WAY overpriced. Underwood ammo is true full power ammo in any caliber, 10mm especially. Not trying to take potshots but after shooting this and the 165gr, getting more than true chrono readings, and no pressure signs out my glock 20 stock,ill never buy into the overpriced,hype up,crap ammo again. Thanks underwood for being a true, honest American ammo company! Next payday I plan on spending another couple hundred bucks on some more 10mm! Keep up the good work!
Dennis Lopez (st. joseph, MO) 7/26/2013 10:32 PM
As a gun lover of all caliber's.I dare any of the other company's to hold true to there velocity ratings and power potential that it's suppose to by!!! MR.UNDERWOOD pulls no punches and feeds no lies!!! All u other over charging $$ companies try to keep up! !!:-D ;-) :-) thanks Mr.Underwood for being there for us.
Full Power 10mm - like it's supposed to be
Harry Bennett (Allen, TX) 5/27/2013 5:53 PM
I had been looking for full power 10mm since I bought my Glock 21SF earlier this year. I did not know that most commercial rounds were watered down to 40 S&W velocity... What's the point? So after shooting the watered down 10, I decided to go on a vision quest to get the full power good stuff. In preparation, I purchased a 22lb Wolfe spring to replace the 17lb stock. Then the Underwood arrived and man, what a difference. I would put it a full 30% hotter than the stock 10mm ammo. The gun itself was a little more whippy, but hey, at 1250 fps it's to be expected. In closing, this is the best ammo I've shot. My only issue is that it's hard to come by, so I keep checking back to get some for my .40 and 9mm.
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