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357 Sig 125 Grain Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 50

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Price: $35.80
Out of stock
Item Number: 149
Manufacturer: Underwood Ammo
Manufacturer Item No: 149

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Built to the tightest tolerances for peak performance rivaling and sometimes surpassing handloads in many guns. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable brass cases.

Speer Bonded bullets were designed to meet stringent law enforcement standards for dependability and performance. They features Uni-Cor technology which firmly bonds the core to the jacket and virtually eliminates bullet failures. The hollow point is created after the jacket is built. This helps produce maximum expansion and weigh retention while improving bullet feeding. A great personal defense bullet.

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 357 Sig
  • Bullet Weight: 125 Grains
  • Bullet Style: Speer Bonded Jacketed Hollow Point
  • Case Type: Brass

    Ballistics Information:
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1475 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 604 ft. lbs.

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Product Reviews

(28 Ratings, 13 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great round
Mrgunsngear (Carolina) 5/31/2013 5:37 PM
Tested this round on my youtube channel. Video below:
Patrick Pinkovsky (Panama City, FL) 2/14/2013 11:21 PM
The reviews on this load and all the other great reviews on Underwood's ammo, are completely correct. This ammo is reliable, accurate, and trust it to protect my life. I field tested this and the 147 grain +P+ Gold Dot in 9mm. that Underwood produces. Both ammo exceeded my expectations! No FTF or FTE. Super accurate. Very reliable. The recoil is not much more than other premium ammo on the market. They do a great job distributing the power throughout the entire cartridge. I order from Underwood all the time. I trust them. Their customer service and shipping is awesome. What more can a man want or say!
REAL .357MAG performance
Jason Camis (Camp Hill, PA) 1/17/2013 10:12 AM
This ammo is HOT! I love it. I regret having to give a 4 star review but out of the 2 boxes I purchased there was a single round with the case smashed down on one side allowing me to easily remove the bullet and pour out the powder before disposing of the bunk round. It was only ONE round, and for all I know it is the only round this has ever happened to out of every round they have ever made. It did cause me to check every one of the remaining 99 rounds very carefully. I think it was a fluke as every round I've used has chambered, fired and ejected like clockwork from my Sig P229. Oh, and delivery was faster than any other ammo supplier, hands down. I would strongly recommend this ammo. Underwood Ammo Response: I appreciate this feedback! We do apologize for the inconvenience and loss of the round. We sincerely want to be made aware of any quality control issues that do not meet customer standards. If they don’t meet your standards, I can assure you they don’t meet ours. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have an issue sneak through here and there, but being made aware of them will absolutely help us to improve. –Kevin Underwood
357 SIG
Steve H. (Michigan) 12/19/2012 7:40 PM
This is my second order from UA. All I can say is that it keeps getting better every time I order. This 357 SIG is the "Real Deal" loaded the way it was meant to be!!! Performance Ammo, Good Price and Super Fast Shipping!!! So good I hate to tell my friends about UA. Keep up the good work!!!
SPN (Moline, IL) 11/15/2012 9:38 PM
I tested the 125 grain BJHP ammo head to head against two other major (and more expensive) brands at my local shooting range. I loaded my Sig P226 Elite magazines with alternating rounds of this ammo and the two other brands. As I cycled through the rounds, there was a distinct difference in the "pop" and feel of this ammo. Not a real big difference in the recoil, but I definitely got people's attention whenever my magazine reach the Underwood ammo. I also purchased a box of the reloaded BFMJ ammo. It is as good as any new FMJ ammo I have bought from any other manufacturer. It is so clean and performs so well, it's hard to tell it's reloaded ammo! IMO, this appears to be accurate, powerful, and reliable ammo. It is also visibly the cleanest looking ammo I have ever purchased. All the bullets and shells were shiny and blemish-free. I purchased a box of the Underwood .40 Cal 165 grain BJHP also, and had the same excellent results as I did with this .357 ammo. As long as Kevin keeps producing high quality ammo like this, I will continue to buy all my ammo from Underwood.
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